New Google Layout

This new layout has been in testing since October, 2009.  However, today it rolls out to most of the world.  It allows users to whittle down results based on what they want to see. Once they make a selection the left-navigation usually goes READ MORE

Killer Post In The Works

I have been working with my team to put together a killer post, very indepth, about SEO Myths.  I think everyone will enjoy it and you should have it in your hands in a few days. Plus, today I had some fun getting READ MORE

Local SEO Tip-Using Your Webcam To Get A Leg Up On Competition

This was a post I had written that was published on a fellow SEO Consultant’s site.  However, I think you guys would enjoy it as well.  Keep in mind that this tip won’t apply to everyone. However, if you have a business who READ MORE

Does Call Tracking Really Hurt my Ranking?

There has been quite a bit of discussion as to whether call tracking really does hurt a business’s local search results. Though this is not a cut and dry issue, from what I have seen it does hurt results for any of my READ MORE

NEVER Say No To Panda Cheese

We are going to feature a new column here, for the completely ridiculous.  Enjoy!

Google Places – How to Find Citation Sources

We’ve been discussing the importance of citations when it comes to local business listings, especially Google Maps and Google Local Business Center.  Today we will discuss how to find more sources on which to get your business cited.  Remember that consistency is king READ MORE

Best Spam Comments

Since this site is popular all over the world (visitors in 22 countries this month) we get a lot of comment spam. Most is pretty innocuous but some really rises up as being totally ridiculous. This post is dedicated to those few and READ MORE

Improve Google Ranking-Follow Up

A few days ago I talked about not settling for anything less than #1. Here is a visual that should drive the point home. If you are #1 you are getting over 50% of the traffic for that term.  If  you are #10 READ MORE

Improve Google Ranking-Don't Settle For Anything Less Than #1

I was just checking some rankings and was pleased when a site I have been working on reached page 1 for its main keyword.  This keyword has just under 1 million competitors and receives about 30,000 searches per week.  Last time I checked READ MORE

Stay Tuned For Some Local Search Marketing Services Discussion

As well as a discussion of citation getting software and the real scoop about call tracking.

Local SEO Competition Citation Analysis

Businesses have been spying on one another as long as business has existed.  Everyone wants to know what the competition is doing, especially if they seem to be doing it better.  The internet has revolutionized how businesses find and attract customers.  Local business READ MORE

Call Tracking Can Kill Your Local SEO Results

Call tracking is an idea thought up by marketing companies to use as a tool to track which strategies are producing the most return on each advertising dollar. The idea of call tracking is pretty simple.  A business sets up an account with READ MORE

Local Search Marketing Series- Getting Reviews

We have previously talked about the penalty for those faking google local reviews, today we are going to discuss how to get them legitimately.  So get ready for the next post in our local search marketing series. First Rule: Ask For Them You READ MORE

Local Search Marketing Series- Fake Reviews

There are a lot of bad ‘self-proclaimed’ Local Search Marketing Experts running around as Google Maps are one of the top ways that a local business can get traffic.  However, since reviews [can] help a site’s rankings many unskilled providers use fake reviews READ MORE

Local Search Marketing Series

This week will mark the start of our Local Search Marketing series.  We plan to discuss what to do and what not to do [which is as important] over several posts.  Our first article in this series will be about why not to READ MORE

Google Local Business Center Enhancements

Google business listings is a great way to promote your business.  In today’s internet dependent market, if you are not listed with Google business listings, you are giving your competition a serious advantage when it comes to advertising and business exposure.  Now that READ MORE

The Google Onebox

You might not have heard the actual term “onebox,” but chances are you regularly enjoy what it has to offer.  In simple terms, onebox refers to the fact that users can enter simple terms in the Google universal search box and get interpreted READ MORE

Reach The Google Maps 7 Box Quickly By Analyzing Competition

Now that you’ve added your business to the Google business directory and secured your spot on Google maps, your next step is to climb the ladder of the Google local search results.  When you search for your category of business in your area, READ MORE

Google Maps Optimization- Citations

Google’s search algorithm places a heavy importance on the number of incoming links to your site. These citations come from other sites that list yours and provide a direct link to your pages. For local search engine optimization based off Google Maps listings, READ MORE

My Maps, KML Files, Flickr…Google Local Spam

I was having an interesting conversation with Steve Hatcher about those spamming their Google listings.  It used to be that those interested in spamming would go after reviews.  I have seen crowd sourcing done to get a local listing 20, 30 + reviews READ MORE

Google Ranking Factors – Domain Trust Authority

Google does an analysis of every domain to determine “trust”-this has little to do with PageRank as even new sites can have a high trust rank.  Although a high PR is an indication of a domains trust, don’t assume that a site with READ MORE

The Local SEO Professional's Secret Weapon

I have trained several students in the art and science of local SEO and I want to pass on a tip that I always tell them.  With my students I am always getting progress reports-usually weekly.  Often, these reports detail very little progress…lots READ MORE

Google Local Listings Optimization

For years businesses have tried feverishly to find the magic formula that would ensure that their websites would be displayed near the top of the Google results when a search was initiated that pertained to their area of concern.  Business spent billions in READ MORE

Claim Your Google Map Spot

In these days of iPhones, smart phones, netbooks, GPS, etc., it is more important than ever for businesses to utilize every feature available to them in the world of online advertising.  When it comes to online advertising, one giant stands light years above READ MORE

404'd Matt Cutts

Andrew Shotland posted a few days ago about Matt Cutts Google Profile showing a 404.  Pretty funny.  But seriously, if you aren’t reading Andrew’s blog your missing out.

Analyze Local SEO Competition By Taking A Step Back

Often we simply need a fresh perspective to really see the full picture.  Local SEO is no exception.  To rank top 5 (which is always my goal) we need to see how strong the competition is in our market.  Because, if we have READ MORE

Personalized Search & Client Confusion

For years personalized search-results tailored to your history/patterns has been a feature for users logged into a Google Account with personalized search history enabled.  For a few months now that feature has been enabled for all users-logged in or not.  No opt-out possible. READ MORE

Local SEO- The [Largely] Uncharted Territory

We are going to be digging deep and going wide into the subject of Local SEO-getting local businesses the prime web real estate that they have been salivating over.  So hold on tight.