The buzzword of the back half of 2013 has been Gamification, an elaborate business building strategy that is believed to build consumer loyalty through the coupling of the basic reward/action principle that has driven behavioral psychology at its inception. As of 2014, it has been predicted that over 70% of global 2000 corporations will have a gamified application available to consumers. But it’s more than just behavior psychology at work here, as several industry leaders have noted that it’s the total experience that really drives the consumer to engage with a product–even in the world of gaming. That might be why “gamified” elements of design have been slowly making their way into website design as a whole. The benefits of the technique provide three important benefits to a marketer when used correctly that are known as the “M³:” motivation, momentum, and meaning, and these benefits lure in the user/consumer in a way that might be a little more stealthy than traditional marketing techniques.

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