Know When Google Updates Maps via Your Email

Want to know when Google updates their image of your business or home?  Now you can get an update the same day.  More populated areas are seeing updates sooner than rural areas-but that just makes sense.  There is no evidence to suggest this is useful for anything other than to stay on top of your global presence.

On the post “Get Alerts When New Google Maps Images Are Added” these steps are outlined:

(1) Go to

(2) Login to your Google account if you haven’t.

(3) Search for an address or latitude/longitude point.

(4) Align the map to the center, between the cross hairs.

(5) Then hit ‘Select Point’

(6) Feel free to override the name (if you want)

(7) Hit ‘Submit'”

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  1. Mike March 15, 2011 | reply
    I have signed up for the service. Do you know how often maps get updated outside of the US?
    • admin March 15, 2011 | reply
      It depends on the country and can also vary by month. However, every 2 weeks is a good guideline.

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