Google Places Local SEO Software

I am thinking about possibly releasing some software that helps automate the work of optimizing and improving results with Google Places. I am not making any promises but there is a chance I will make this available.

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  1. Larry Lim November 1, 2010 | reply
    You should, now that Google Places have a bigger presence in the SERPs for local searches more and more businesses will be fighting to optimize their listings.
  2. Jeff internet marketing November 2, 2010 | reply
    Hi please tell me more when this may launch. thanks jeff
  3. mike costigan November 4, 2010 | reply
    I have a dozen websites that I need to get on Google maps and haven't done the work yet to get them there. Please contact me if you're interested but I am interested in your new app if you are going to release it.
  4. Jackie Tulos November 7, 2010 | reply
    I would love to see what you have. When do you think you will show it?
    • admin April 28, 2011 | reply
      Not sure if it will be available or when.
  5. Robert Clements November 10, 2010 | reply
    Any tips we can get are greatly appreciated!
  6. Aaron Dwyer November 12, 2010 | reply
    I'd be interested in this software. Can beta it for you. Happy to pay. Aaron
  7. Moshe Mizrachi November 18, 2010 | reply
    I think it's great. I'll buy it. Moshe
  8. Joshua November 21, 2010 | reply
    would love to see it if you get it put together.
  9. kevin downey November 30, 2010 | reply
    interested for sure
  10. Jefferson December 6, 2010 | reply
    Hello I saw your post about developing a tool to google places. I'm also thinking about for some time to do something similar to google places. Are you interested in any partnership? We can talk on skype?
  11. Peter Guiliano December 12, 2010 | reply
    I'm starting out trying to build a business in this area. G Places is very important in Local Business so I would greatly appreciate the chance to use some software that cuts down the grunt needed for this task. Please keep me informed. Love the insights you are giving
  12. Buffalo SEO Shark December 16, 2010 | reply
    Little late to the party on this post, but I'd be very interested in seeing something like this. I've seen great results from simply creating a listing in Google Places, and their free reporting emails are actually very informative. Still, despite having read and read on how to optimize these listings, I haven't found a technique I find 100% effective. Be interested to see what this type of software included.
  13. Jay Dunbar December 26, 2010 | reply
    please make this available soon
  14. Market Street Media December 28, 2010 | reply
    I guess this got put on hiatus with the revamp of SERPS? Have you found any key ranking factors since the revamp?
  15. sure you are January 9, 2011 | reply
    i would be interested in that type of program.
  16. Robert Ramirez January 11, 2011 | reply
    I've been thinking something like this could be wildly useful. Especially for people like me who own businesses that serve more than one city.
  17. Brenda Barker January 11, 2011 | reply
    Looking forward to any software that would help me with places.
  18. Dimitry September 15, 2011 | reply
    would be great to have a software like this, I'll wait
  19. Tom January 9, 2014 | reply
    Cheers Mike I'll preserve them that way!

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