Google Places’ Tags

Google has launched a new advertising feature of Google Places, it features a yellow tag and highlighted line underneath the business listing.

An example is at the left and its called Google Tags.  Frankly, its a simple way to draw a little extra attention that your competition may not be familiar with.  However, it won’t impact your rankings either way [up or down] but if your rankings are good it may help your CTR a bit.  It is worth checking out.

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  1. Airey July 21, 2010 | reply
    very good!
  2. Cheesecake September 30, 2010 | reply
    Ewwwwwwwhhh google wants money for it.
  3. Aaron Dwyer November 12, 2010 | reply
    Wow, I didn't know about this. Having never seen one in the wild, I didn't know it existed. Thanks. Aaron

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