Mobile SEO??

Are you ready for mobile SEO? Well, you better be. The inside scoop is that mobile search engines are the next big thing in the world of search. So, have there been any moves to make this a reality? Hell yeah! It wasn’t too long ago that Google mobile launched its first advertising programme that targeted mobile phone internet users in Japan. This undoubtedly heralded a new era in search engine marketing.

Why Mobile SEO?

The major reason for this move is that the number of consumers who own mobile devices is greater (by far) than those who own computers. Ultimately, these mobile devices are encouraging more mobile internet usage than ever before. So what does this mean? It means that the awkward in-between concerns of businesses having a great PC website and it not being found on the mobile web will soon be over.(If these businesses want to stay afloat in the future and most of them do)

Mobile SEO Queries

Ofcourse I have to address the doubting Thomases in this arena. Having attended several SEO conferences I have been the unfortunate victim of several empty arguments that running a Mobile SEO campaign at the present time is not an effective rank building strategy. Most businesses seem to think that Mobile SEO is a short term performance strategy that is waiting for real devices such as the iphone to catch up with the mass market in order to be an effective marketing tool.

If  you’re still in doubt whether mobile queries still present too small of an overall volume to make the efforts of running a campaign worthwhile, then may I direct you to Google’s mobile search query which has more than tripled its mobile search shares in the past two years alone. Other businesses have also recorded massive profits in this arena and the number is still rising.

Question: Are some individuals (and businesses) still experiencing modest query volumes in Mobile SEO?

Answer: Yes.

However, mobile search in general is definitely growing and at a much faster rate than the traditional search and this just proves it.

Mobile Market Maturation = Money

Consider the following statistics. As of February this year, more than 234 million mobile phone users were recorded in the United States within the age bracket of 13 and above. 50% of these users were recorded to have used their devices in some capacity during the course of that same month. It was also noted that mobile search was more prevalent among smart phone users who now account for more than 30% of the total U.S mobile population.

Considering that more than half of the phones purchased in America are smart phones, one thing is evident- mobile searching will not be slowing down any time soon. Toss in another couple million tablet/ipad users (and counting) and you begin to see why marketers must address mobile paid search strategy rather than allowing search engines to serve mobile ads by default.

Optimizing mobile for search

Now that we have done away with the statistics, how can we optimize our mobile sites for mobile search. Ofcourse the fundamental SEO practices still apply. Keywords, content and links in mobile still matter as they would in their desktop counterparts.

What you need to know

Mobile Content

In order to gain/improve in your mobile search results, then I highly suggest that you adhere to the traditional SEO practices. Mobile search bots and indexes are completely different from web searches. In this respect,  little things like title tags, alt tags and heading tags have been known to work magic when it comes to mobile websites.

Standard Coding

Ensuring that you have pristine code will create  an efficient crawl for the mobile bots. Clean codes also ensure that mobile bots index as much content as possible with each visit. Errors or invalid coding will definitely result in broken pages which will ultimately lead to a lower ranking.

Outbound links

Incorporating more outbound links to relevant sources has proven to provide a more complete user experience. Depending on the nature of the linked sources, trusted brands or sources have a track record of elevating a site’s SEO. (More people seem to visit sites that they can trust).


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