New Series-Simple Local SEO Tips

Tip #1.

Link to your Google Places’ Page from your website.

Thats it, 1 sentence and very simple.  Yet, not often done and very powerful as an authority boost.


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  1. karen February 9, 2011 | reply
    Hi, I am a realtor in boston - how do I link google places to my website? Karen
    • admin March 4, 2011 | reply
      You do that from within Google Places. Although, I think you are asking the reverse-how to link TO google places from your website. Simply grab the URL of your places page (it is under link in upper right in places) and place that link on your site. The menu or footer is a natural place to list it.
  2. Roger February 18, 2011 | reply
    Can I use the Facebook business page as a website in google places?
    • admin March 4, 2011 | reply
      Yes, although our tests of this aren't completed yet.
  3. Trent Carlyle March 1, 2011 | reply
    Interesting. Do you have examples of this impacting Google Places listings or providing an additional citation? Seems to make sense though. @trentcarlyle
    • admin March 4, 2011 | reply
      We can't provide examples without risking revealing client data. I haven't looked for 'global' examples of this in practice.
  4. Stuart March 11, 2011 | reply
    Great SEO tip, I have done this since I first set up local listing on Google about 4 years ago, to be honest I thought at the time it just made common sense but now I see I was far ahead of myself! :-)
  5. Mark April 26, 2011 | reply
    Nice tip! I haven't seen this recommended before but it makes sense.

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