Packaging: More than Meets the Eye

Product packaging may seem like an afterthought, but the savvy marketer knows that wrapping is more than just attractive paper and boxes. With a little forethought, shipping material can double an effective promotion tool. Ordering shipping materials printed in brand colors, allowing the customer to choose a custom message for a gift recipient or simply getting packaging that compliments the unique shape of a product are actually an investment in procuring future sales.

Including stickers or thank you cards that promote your brand with your shipment can inspire customer loyalty through word-of-mouth marketing. Packaging a product with care doesn’t just show the customer that you’re fully vested in a product, packing material demonstrates that the business they made a purchase has a cohesive brand identity. In marketplaces where the customer never ties a human face to the buying or product experience, attention to this detail can make or break your customer’s overall experience. Even little touches such as printed ribbon and small tags can compliment a purchase in ways that are meaningful to your consumer. A well-designed container that allows for the absence of packing materials that usually come standard with a purchase from your competitors can even indicate a commitment to sustainability that is attractive to the market segment you hope to capture.

Whether you’re selling something edible, something beautiful or something practical, so long as the product is tangible, the customer can be assured there’s more product of the same quality through custom branding and options for individualization.

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