QR: Dead on Delivery

The rusty old QR Code has gotten a fair share of criticism since it was adopted by U.S. markets in 2009, and it’s not hard to see why. QRs were launched too widely and were often deployed in areas with little to no wireless connectivity to sites that were not optimized for first generation smartphones–but a look at the big picture shows that’s not the real reason why they failed. It turns out that over 58% percent of consumers that tried them out first used them at home. This is big news. Imagine what would have happened if a marketer had managed to make the QR code part of an enjoyable product selection process instead of launching it as an over-informative marketing tool. The organization that got a handle on that quickly would have risen far above the pack. This is a prime example of why a technology that does not consider the needs of the consumer is just about always doomed to go over like a lead balloon no matter how much marketing is deployed behind the concept.

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