SEO For Beginners

When it comes to websites, Search Engine Optimization is almost mandatory. Usually described as the art of obtaining favorable rankings in search engines, it is one of the few techniques that are easy to learn but difficult to master. Business owners with sites in a given local area should be optimizing their sites so they are easily ranked on the first page when a search is performed.

The following guidelines are sure to get your SEO strategy in gear.

Get listed. The first step in getting your site optimized is ensuring that it is first listed in Search Engines. Getting a listing with Google maps has also proven to be highly beneficial. The process usually involves filling out an application and waiting a short period to be verified. Once your verification is complete, you wait a few weeks and which your business is added.

Figuring out your target audience is also imperative. Without a specific audience in mind, it is pointless to do SEO. An understanding of the type of words that consumers use to find your products is also required. General information of your customers will also come in handy e.g. whether they are big spenders, are they willing to buy? e.t.c.

Updating your page titles is also important for good SEO. In this respect, the page title has been described as being one of the most important aspects of SEO. This is because these are the words that appear on your web browser when you surf. To increase your site’s optimization: include the keywords that you are targeting in your page titles and remember to keep the titles as short as possible.
Each page title should be unique. Different titles for different pages are encouraged in SEO. It has also been proven that adding the target keywords to the text’s body and in the h1 tag have also been known to boost a site’s ranking.

Use internal links. Links are a big deal when it comes to good SEO. The number of pages that link a site to other sites is very important. When it comes to links, all you need is to figure out the pages you want ranked the most and include a set of links from other pages to these pages. Works like a charm.

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  1. Umesh Kumar June 27, 2011 | reply
    You have share a very good post with the beginners, but I am expecting more useful for the experienced person.

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