SEO for YouTube

YouTube is one of the best ways to spread your site on the web. Video tutorials and demonstrations make the base of a great site. A video needs to be well made, simple to understand and has an overall pleasant appeal to it, but it still may not rank as one of the highest and will receive low amount of views if not properly optimized.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you can get the best out of your YouTube channel and the videos on it.


There are many softwares you can get which can help with keywords but the one which is recommended is the Google keyword tool which can be found in the Google webmaster tools. Using this tool you can see the keywords Google had targeted on a page. You can then use the keywords tool to ignore certain generic words as well as give priority to specific targeted keywords. It’s best to choose a keyword having low completion on the web; this gives you a better chance of exposure.


Quality Content

Make sure that the tutorials you upload contain content which the user can’t find anywhere else. Keep tutorials straight forward, formal and to the point. Keep in mind that your main objective is to have people want to visit your site after watching these videos. Give great information in the video but leave a little out and comment on the video with a link to your site to find out more about the topic on your site. Another thing you’re aiming for is a large audience, so don’t make any videos which discriminate or de-face any person, caste, creed, gender etc.

Increase Subscribers

The more subscribers you have to your YouTube channel the higher you are ranked. A high level of subscribers tells Google that your YouTube channel contains high quality content and will be given a high page rank. Make sure that there is proper keyword usage on the channel and also make sure that the videos are available in different qualities so that users from all parts of the word have no issues in viewing your content.


Links on other sites which leads back to your YouTube video, as well as your video embedded on other sites is a great way to get more views. To do this contact the owner of the other site asking to embed your video on his site, maybe you can do the same for him or her to return the favor. (Links from social networking sites increase number of views but they don’t directly improve your page rank as they follow a “no – follow” policy)



Slow and Steady

The best channels on YouTube never release videos in bulk, just one to three videos in a week is the acceptable number to be uploaded. This doesn’t overload the viewer with information and at the same time gives you plenty of time to care of mistakes which you’ve missed out on in the video. Make sure that you post new videos every week, this tells Google that your channel is being constantly updated with fresh content which gives you a better chance of getting a higher page rank.

Note: Google’s search is mainly based on quality content and fresh content. Keywords do play an important part but spamming will result in a loss of page rank.

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