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We handle quite a bit of work for lawyers who focus on DUI as a practice area.

The Duality of Local SEO – NAP Citations vs Organic Link Building

The topic of NAPs vs links came up in conversation this week. While I won’t divulge the recipe for our ‘secret sauce’ it is a commonly held belief that organic links should be as varied as possible. While this is often true…like everything READ MORE

Running a Contest: Gimmick or Grab for Followers?

Running a contest to gain followers on social media is an effective tool for many businesses and marketers. It provides an incentive for potential customers to emotionally invest in your product and provides a tangible reward for a lucky fan. But there are READ MORE

Effective Microblogging: Keep it Short and Simple

Twitter can be an effective platform for promoting your business if you use it in a way that engages readers and delivers pertinent information in a timely manner. But overtweeting and tweeting too much about yourself can lead to a mass exodus of READ MORE

Growing a following on Facebook: Cross Promoting with Other Page Managers

Competing for Facebook “likes” these days isn’t as easy as it used to be. Businesses vying for them often find themselves in a position that The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman most kindly depicts as “begging.” So how does a business gain followers on this READ MORE

Customer Engagement Strategies: They’re for Small Business Too!

Just because an organization doesn’t have a big budget doesn’t mean that customer engagement and experience are a side of business that can be ignored. Realistically, a customer engagement strategy is just a plan that accounts for the sum of a continued pattern READ MORE

Soft-Selling your Brand Personality by Talking Less about You

Me. Me. Me. That’s what most Facebook posts, and really, most PR strategies seem to scream. On a social media platform, it’s all about engagement. Get participants to talk about themselves by inserting you into the equation. Let the brand personality shine through READ MORE

Generating Fresh Ideas

Are you asking consumers vested in your brand what they want to see? Sometimes a Facebook post can double as a wonderfully targeted focus group, so long as your target isn’t one of the 25% fewer teens using the platform these days. As READ MORE

Proactive Outbound Communication: Is it for Me?

As of 2012, statistics gathered by Forrester show that 29 percent of surveyed enterprises had already invested in proactive outbound communications. This type of communication involves an assortment of activities to include everything from service alerts and workarounds to cross and upselling. Forrester READ MORE

Effective Email Marketing: Avoid These 3 Pitfalls

Email marketing is a tricky line of business. Over 88 percent of companies surveyed by Forrester were reported to use some form of it in 2011, but marketers who fail to follow effective protocol may do their business more harm than good. Overfrequency READ MORE

Social Media: Effective Tool or Effective Time-Sink?

No matter what your company’s strategy when it comes to social media, odds are you’re not optimizing it. But the hard question to ask when it comes to optimization is “What should a decent strategy look like?” Realistically, it’s a hard question to READ MORE

Get Audited

To make sure you aren’t using any strategies that can bust you in the near future, it might pay to invest anywhere from $2,500 to $20,000 depending on how complex your website is. This recent breakdown at Forbes shows ways in which an READ MORE

Promoted Pins: Worth it, or Not Worth the Time?

It may be too early to tell for sure how Promoted Pins have been performing on Pinterest since their October 2013 introduction, but it seems that the debate between what Pinterest markets as “tasteful” and “transparent” advertising and what users worry will sully READ MORE

Is Marketing for a Cause Old News?

Cause-Related Marketing, at first glance, seems like a dated concept tied to the year 2009 and the shell companies of major toothpaste brands who make ugly shoes, but that’s not the long and short of it. It’s also been a long-term strategy of READ MORE

QR: Dead on Delivery

The rusty old QR Code has gotten a fair share of criticism since it was adopted by U.S. markets in 2009, and it’s not hard to see why. QRs were launched too widely and were often deployed in areas with little to no READ MORE

SEO Tips for 2014

With RapGenius’ recent boot from Google search rankings, it’s more important than ever to remember that Black Hat techniques get you nowhere in the new algorithm. There are some ways to look ahead for the rest of this year as you plan for READ MORE

Google Maps News

Crowdsourcing: Open Source, or Open Scourge? The mighty Google suffered the same fate as many open-source content sites (like Wikipedia) suffered in their early days this month, as a user renamed the well-known Theoduer-Huss Square in Berlin after Adolf Hitler on Google Maps. READ MORE

After Penguin 2.0: SEO Marketing in a Brave New World:

Black Hat has been dead for over a year now, and many companies are still reeling. It’s hard to know what works in a “value-added” content world. Simply put, there’s no shortcut to providing quality content. Expert writers and designers aren’t an expensive READ MORE


The buzzword of the back half of 2013 has been Gamification, an elaborate business building strategy that is believed to build consumer loyalty through the coupling of the basic reward/action principle that has driven behavioral psychology at its inception. As of 2014, it READ MORE

Packaging: More than Meets the Eye

Product packaging may seem like an afterthought, but the savvy marketer knows that wrapping is more than just attractive paper and boxes. With a little forethought, shipping material can double an effective promotion tool. Ordering shipping materials printed in brand colors, allowing the READ MORE

Guaranteed SEO – Limited Time Offer

Guaranteed SEO – Limited Time Offer

Last January I started testing a new process to get sites ranked quickly in very competitive markets.  While, we had some initial success it took months to really get the process down.  As a result, now we are able to rank new domains READ MORE

Roomstore Preference Litigation

Reading the news earlier this week I discovered that Roomstore has begun Preference Litigation.  I am certainly not the expert on this topic.  However, if you have an interest you should read more.  The details about the Roomstore Preference Litigation are here.   READ MORE


This week Google announced the Chromecast. Look at that beauty. But, what is hidden in that shadow at the top of the device…

Connective Architecture- An Understanding

Connective Architecture of SEO, how one variable relates to another;  The inner-connectivity of seemingly unrelated details is the foundation of current SEO.   It is something we will be talking quite a bit about in upcoming articles.

How Not To Buy A Premium Domain Name

A few weeks ago a client was contacted via their website with an offer to buy a premium domain for roughly $2,000. What follows is an accounting of the offer and the steps we took to make ensure he would be getting what READ MORE

AMF Bowling Richmond Bankruptcy Lawyer

BIg news that AMF Bowling is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection.  The bankruptcy case is to be presided over by Chief Judge Douglas O. Tice, Jr. If you need assistance protecting your interests in AMF Bowling’s bankruptcy contact a Richmond Bankruptcy Attorney.

New Design

We are about to unveil the newest design for localseo.org.  We have been working on this design for months and I think you will really enjoy it. Stay tuned!

A New Series On E-Commerce SEO

I wanted to announce that in the coming weeks we will be getting started on a new series detailing ideal steps towards e-commerce SEO.  If you have ever wondered what are the best practices when doing SEO on a large-scale site this series READ MORE

Mobile Users Concerned About Security and Privacy

Geolocation sharing services like foursquare, MyTown, Loopt, and others have been getting a lot of press lately in marketing circles. Geolocation is still in early adoption stages, but it is growing rapidly among mobile users. With it though are growing privacy concerns. You READ MORE

Mobile Search For Local Businesses

Mobile Search For Local Businesses

Good article about mobile search. I hadn’t seen that data from 2010 which is exponentially lower than the mobile usage now.  I’ve practically had my iPhone sewn to my hand for 5 years now.  And my wife works with 2 blackberries (one for READ MORE

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