Running a Contest: Gimmick or Grab for Followers?

Running a contest to gain followers on social media is an effective tool for many businesses and marketers. It provides an incentive for potential customers to emotionally invest in your product and provides a tangible reward for a lucky fan. But there are READ MORE

Customer Engagement Strategies: They’re for Small Business Too!

Just because an organization doesn’t have a big budget doesn’t mean that customer engagement and experience are a side of business that can be ignored. Realistically, a customer engagement strategy is just a plan that accounts for the sum of a continued pattern READ MORE

Get Audited

To make sure you aren’t using any strategies that can bust you in the near future, it might pay to invest anywhere from $2,500 to $20,000 depending on how complex your website is. This recent breakdown at Forbes shows ways in which an READ MORE


The buzzword of the back half of 2013 has been Gamification, an elaborate business building strategy that is believed to build consumer loyalty through the coupling of the basic reward/action principle that has driven behavioral psychology at its inception. As of 2014, it READ MORE

Guaranteed SEO – Limited Time Offer
Guaranteed SEO – Limited Time Offer

Last January I started testing a new process to get sites ranked quickly in very competitive markets.  While, we had some initial success it took months to really get the process down.  As a result, now we are able to rank new domains READ MORE

Steve Jobs NYT Tribute – Flash Insensitivity

While browsing the NYT tribute to Steve Jobs on my iPhone I was struck with the following image: On most days I would have been mildly frustrated. Today, it just seems wrong, insensitive even.  Make a tribute to the man with technology that supports READ MORE

Tips for Capturing the Growing Mobile Search Market

Internet access via mobile phone is a blossoming phenomenon. User numbers aren’t just steadily increasing, but multiplying significantly. Therefore, it is going to take some savvy changes in marketing strategy in order to capture the attention of this growing mobile search market which READ MORE

Google AdWords for SEO

    Many see AdWords as a simple traffic generating tool, they fail to realize that it is one of the best tools to use for the search engine optimization of a site. AdWords:  AdWords a.k.a. Google Adwords is Google’s major advertising and READ MORE

Keyword strategies for B2B sites  Business Marketing is the practice of companies or organizations to facilitate the sales of either their services or products to other different companies and organizations which in turn can resell them, or use them to support their operations.  The major criteria lists READ MORE

How does Google handle rotating content on your site?

In order to keep their site fresh and fun, many webmasters will have some content on their site that isn’t consistent and changes with every reload, for example random tips, important links, images etc. This changing content may be relevant to your site READ MORE

Some Video SEO Basics

Video SEO is when you want your videos to appear on higher ranked pages of video hosting sites like and also on regular search engines like Google or Bing. SEO matters for every type of content you aim to promote, including videos. READ MORE

Google Credit Cards

Google is planning to launch a credit card which it plans to offer with low interest rates. According to Google, the card is being offered to select U.S clients with what it terms as a competitive interest rate coupled with an ample credit READ MORE

Mobile SEO??

Are you ready for mobile SEO? Well, you better be. The inside scoop is that mobile search engines are the next big thing in the world of search. So, have there been any moves to make this a reality? Hell yeah! It wasn’t READ MORE

Email Marketing & SEO

I know this is a rather broad topic but I felt that I should write about something that is often less discussed- email marketing and how it can be helpful to your SEO efforts. In order to get a more solid picture of READ MORE


While the world is struggling to understand search engines, search engine optimization and social media marketing, you can have your business take the upper hand in this competitive arena. You simply need to change the way you do business on the internet. One READ MORE

Essential SEO Assets – Google Webmaster Tools

One of the most common questions that I have heard webmasters ask in SEO conferences is “what are some of the simple ways that I can use to improve my ranking in Google?” Ofcourse there are numerous answers to this question. In fact, READ MORE

SEO Friendly Content

When it comes to the fundamentals of result driven SEO, good content takes the throne. The reason for this is obvious- without content one can’t be found. It’s that simple. One might argue that photographs don’t require words to be found. Wrong! Photographs READ MORE

Expert Advice On Google And SEO

One thing that I have learnt over the years is that you can’t learn great SEO techniques from buying software tools or by studying an e-book (most people think this works but it actually isn’t very helpful). This is because Google makes continuous READ MORE

Google Shines In Q2- Grosses Over $9 Billion

It was all merry making for Google as they celebrated huge 2nd quarterly earnings that surpassed $9 billion for the just concluded quarter that ended on June 30th   2011. This was record breaking revenue which outshined the same quarter of last year by READ MORE

Quick Ways Of Boosting Your SEO Using Facebook

The discussion on the effect of social media on search results cannot be complete without putting into perspective the Facebook factor. This is primarily because Facebook has an internal community search platform that is quickly threatening other search models by the large magnitude READ MORE

The Quality Assurance Factor in SEO

It’s true to say that a lot of surveys have been published concerning top SEO techniques believed to be the top factors in the rankings of websites. While most of them are pretty interesting, a very large number of them often overlook the READ MORE for SEOs

A proper database is a must for any site especially if it wants to be noticed by the various search engines. Similarly the search engines wish to provide services which are accurate and straight forward. With the millions of websites out there with READ MORE

5 To Do’s For Every SEO Manager

You’ve managed to scratch and claw your way up the ladder and finally you’re now about to be proclaimed the new “SEO Manager” of a website. What exactly are you stepping into? How should you prepare for your new role and what should READ MORE

Cutting Edge Local SEO Tactics

The Hardcore local SEO panel comprising of Will Scott – an affiliate of “Search Influence”, Mike Ramsey – associated with “Nifty marketing” and David Mihm of “Get Listed” met last week and came up with different tactical approaches that can be used to READ MORE

SEO for YouTube

YouTube is one of the best ways to spread your site on the web. Video tutorials and demonstrations make the base of a great site. A video needs to be well made, simple to understand and has an overall pleasant appeal to it, READ MORE

Google Webmaster Tools For SEO

In a world which has a heart based on search; every single website or blog owner out there knows the importance of Search Engine Optimization. They optimize their sites so that they may have a proper and high page rank in a search READ MORE

Google Panda 2.1- Is Your Business Affected?

“Caffeine” was the name of the Google system that handled all of Google’s searches. It allowed almost real-time updates for most searches. If something new was posted on a site, whether it be a new product for sale, a breaking news item, or READ MORE

Google Panda Update

Google Panda is the new algorithm used by Google to carry out its searches and get rid of SPAM. The major variable that the search engine’s value is based on quality. Poor quality articles in article directories, poorly managed [rarely updated] web pages, READ MORE

Question #3- Claiming Your Client’s Google Places Listing

Louise posted a question in the comments so I thought I would draft a quick answer. Here is here question: this video was excellent – it explained many things about google places that I didn’t know. I have a question – I have READ MORE

Question #2- [Video Answer] How To Claim Your Google Places Page Listing

Instead of a long article to illustrate how to claim your Google Places Page, I thought it more helpful to create a video to illustrate exactly how to do so. If you are going to try to optimize and rank your Google Places READ MORE

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