The Duality of Local SEO – NAP Citations vs Organic Link Building

The topic of NAPs vs links came up in conversation this week. While I won’t divulge the recipe for our ‘secret sauce’ it is a commonly held belief that organic links should be as varied as possible. While this is often true…like everything READ MORE

Effective Microblogging: Keep it Short and Simple

Twitter can be an effective platform for promoting your business if you use it in a way that engages readers and delivers pertinent information in a timely manner. But overtweeting and tweeting too much about yourself can lead to a mass exodus of READ MORE

SEO Tips for 2014

With RapGenius’ recent boot from Google search rankings, it’s more important than ever to remember that Black Hat techniques get you nowhere in the new algorithm. There are some ways to look ahead for the rest of this year as you plan for READ MORE

After Penguin 2.0: SEO Marketing in a Brave New World:

Black Hat has been dead for over a year now, and many companies are still reeling. It’s hard to know what works in a “value-added” content world. Simply put, there’s no shortcut to providing quality content. Expert writers and designers aren’t an expensive READ MORE

A New Series On E-Commerce SEO

I wanted to announce that in the coming weeks we will be getting started on a new series detailing ideal steps towards e-commerce SEO.  If you have ever wondered what are the best practices when doing SEO on a large-scale site this series READ MORE

How To Best Use Anchor Text

We’ve established how important anchor text is to the search engines for determining keyword ranking. We’ve also discovered that anchor text is actually more important than a site’s url and can be used to gauge your competition. Now we will look at some READ MORE

The Importance of SEO Anchor Text

Although anchor text hasn’t been given an extreme amount of attention in SEO circles, it is an important aspect when determining Search Engine Optimization. It is definitely worth taking a[nother] look at as understanding it can elevate page ranking and help to more READ MORE

Local SEO Tip – Landing Page Quality

This may come as a surprise but NOT all sites are created equal. Let’s do a little experiment. Which site is better? From a consumer standpoint: * ‘A’ is more visible so it is more likely to get the click. * ‘A’ appears READ MORE

Geotargeting For Local SEO

Google now gives you the option to mention your site’s relevance to a specific region with their geo-targeting tool. In the past Google used a few of their normal search parameters and signals to find out where in the world was a site READ MORE

SEO For Beginners

When it comes to websites, Search Engine Optimization is almost mandatory. Usually described as the art of obtaining favorable rankings in search engines, it is one of the few techniques that are easy to learn but difficult to master. Business owners with sites READ MORE

Question #2- [Video Answer] How To Claim Your Google Places Page Listing

Instead of a long article to illustrate how to claim your Google Places Page, I thought it more helpful to create a video to illustrate exactly how to do so. If you are going to try to optimize and rank your Google Places READ MORE

How to Make Your Google Places Listing Stand Out

Make your Google Places listing stand out by being clear and precise with the business detail, and show what products or services you offer. There are many businesses that are on Google Places, but they do not all stand out. How can you READ MORE

Local SEO Tip #3- Find the Best Keywords for Your Local SEO in Seconds

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves focus on two areas for local search. The first is a company’s geographic location, typically a city and state, and then their product or service specialties. An example of a local search would be “doctors in New READ MORE

Simple Local SEO Tip #2

Post your physical address in a HIGHLY visible place on your homepage. The footer is not the ideal location. The more visible the better as Google seems to acknowledge the location of your address and weigh it as more credible the more visible READ MORE

New Series-Simple Local SEO Tips

Tip #1. Link to your Google Places’ Page from your website. Thats it, 1 sentence and very simple.  Yet, not often done and very powerful as an authority boost.  

SEO Myths That Can Bury Your Site – Part 1

To many, SEO is a mystery that is part science and part black magic.  And while I have [mostly] tamed this beast a while ago (I have been doing local seo work over 10 years now); I have noticed that each client needs READ MORE

Local SEO Tip-Using Your Webcam To Get A Leg Up On Competition

This was a post I had written that was published on a fellow SEO Consultant’s site.  However, I think you guys would enjoy it as well.  Keep in mind that this tip won’t apply to everyone. However, if you have a business who READ MORE

Does Call Tracking Really Hurt my Ranking?

There has been quite a bit of discussion as to whether call tracking really does hurt a business’s local search results. Though this is not a cut and dry issue, from what I have seen it does hurt results for any of my READ MORE

Google Places – How to Find Citation Sources

We’ve been discussing the importance of citations when it comes to local business listings, especially Google Maps and Google Local Business Center.  Today we will discuss how to find more sources on which to get your business cited.  Remember that consistency is king READ MORE

Local SEO Competition Citation Analysis

Businesses have been spying on one another as long as business has existed.  Everyone wants to know what the competition is doing, especially if they seem to be doing it better.  The internet has revolutionized how businesses find and attract customers.  Local business READ MORE

Local Search Marketing Series

This week will mark the start of our Local Search Marketing series.  We plan to discuss what to do and what not to do [which is as important] over several posts.  Our first article in this series will be about why not to READ MORE

Reach The Google Maps 7 Box Quickly By Analyzing Competition

Now that you’ve added your business to the Google business directory and secured your spot on Google maps, your next step is to climb the ladder of the Google local search results.  When you search for your category of business in your area, READ MORE

Google Maps Optimization- Citations

Google’s search algorithm places a heavy importance on the number of incoming links to your site. These citations come from other sites that list yours and provide a direct link to your pages. For local search engine optimization based off Google Maps listings, READ MORE

Google Ranking Factors – Domain Trust Authority

Google does an analysis of every domain to determine “trust”-this has little to do with PageRank as even new sites can have a high trust rank.  Although a high PR is an indication of a domains trust, don’t assume that a site with READ MORE

The Local SEO Professional's Secret Weapon

I have trained several students in the art and science of local SEO and I want to pass on a tip that I always tell them.  With my students I am always getting progress reports-usually weekly.  Often, these reports detail very little progress…lots READ MORE

Google Local Listings Optimization

For years businesses have tried feverishly to find the magic formula that would ensure that their websites would be displayed near the top of the Google results when a search was initiated that pertained to their area of concern.  Business spent billions in READ MORE

Claim Your Google Map Spot

In these days of iPhones, smart phones, netbooks, GPS, etc., it is more important than ever for businesses to utilize every feature available to them in the world of online advertising.  When it comes to online advertising, one giant stands light years above READ MORE

Analyze Local SEO Competition By Taking A Step Back

Often we simply need a fresh perspective to really see the full picture.  Local SEO is no exception.  To rank top 5 (which is always my goal) we need to see how strong the competition is in our market.  Because, if we have READ MORE