How It Works

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Optimizing Your Existence

optimizingEvery campaign requires an audit to ensure that your existing business presence is consistent and to determine the value of any previous promotion. We not only do extensive on-site optimization we also verify and correct imprecise data.[/col]
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Enterprise Level Promotion

enterpriseWhether you are a small business with 1 location or a national chain with hundreds we use our proprietary promotion tools to benefit your website and locations. We are able to distribute not only citations but also valuable links to achieve and enhance rankings.[/col]
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Competition Monitoring

competition-monitoringNational and Local SEO is not done in a vacuum. This is a zero-sum game in that for your business to gain a ranking someone else has to lose one. So, a unique aspect of our work is that we spend a significant part of our time working to ensure that nothing your competitors do can harm your results.[/col]

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Your Business Will Have Multiple Top 10 Rankings

Our local business marketing plan is simple: We want your business to dominate your competitors by getting you top 10 rankings in Google Maps and Google Search results.

[quote_frame]The marketing process has been used successfully for local businesses across the Nation, as well as national businesses. We only select 1 client in 1 industry per city, and our goal is to get you as many listings on the first page of Google as possible.[/quote_frame]


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What You Will Have Covered:

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On-site Optimization and Corrections

To optimize Local SEO benefit –The site needs some changes my team will recommend to gain all the market advantage possible

Press Releases

We staff a great PR person as well as have a system to maximize results from press release distribution<

Achieving High Value Links With Valuable Domain Trusts

The order and quality of new links determines their impact and we use some proprietary software to maximize results-few others know how to measure and maximize this

Priority Directory Submissions

Doing these wrong can do more harm than good. Just like Google has ’kill words’ that harm results, as well as bad neighborhoods that can negatively impact your site, there are also sites that are frequently used for linking that get your site knocked down a bit

Creating A Network Of Authority Sites For Your Markets

We need to control the flow of content and links so we will expand into a group of sites that my team will create. Again using software of our own creation [/col]

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Creating Beneficial Relationships With Quality Sites In Your Areas of Focus

Mostly Geo Targeting

Citation Organization & Analysis

Required for getting into the Google Places 7 Box.This is a massive undertaking. These links will benefit maps/local results as well as provide the local authority to enhance organic rankings

Private High Value Networks

I have access to a few groups of networks, including some I have created, others were created by partners/colleagues that help to push links and juice to your sites. All natural and high quality.

Large Scale Citation Acquisition

For boosting credibility.These are the life-blood of a successful maps campaign and we have the ability to get them like no one else based on our contracts and our tools.

Article Marketing

We have multiple content writers, several who are well trained on legal topics and we have a proven distribution method for maximum effect. [/col]

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[toggle_content title=”What is SEO (and Local SEO)?” class=”boxed”]

SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is a fancy name for fixing things so that your website appears at the top of the search engines when users search for specific keywords (or semantically similar words). This can be in a global, regional, national or local context.

Local SEO  is slightly different to the other types of SEO because it relies on geo-location to a much greater extent. In simple terms, Local SEO is what local businesses need to attract customers to bricks and mortar stores to just address local markets. Google Places is a common starting point for localized SEO but there are many avenues and channels which we use to provide the most efficient and effective local SEO for our clients.


[toggle_content title=”What is a SERP?” class=”boxed”]

This acronym stands for: Search Engine Results Page. This is the page in the search results that a site appears for a given keyword. We aim for Page 1 – Position 1 wherever achievable but a top 3 ranking at all times as this is where the lion’s share (65%) of all clicks go to.

[toggle_content title=”Why should I bother with SEO at all?” class=”boxed”]

This is  the easiest question of all for us to answer. If you need to sell or market a product then you should be aware that 50% of all purchases or lines of inquiry, begin on the Internet. This means that to address that huge 50% slice of the buyer/market, a prominent appearance in search needs to be a crucial component of your marketing effort. We are expert at putting your business in that zone.

[toggle_content title=”How long does it take to reach No.1?” class=”boxed”]

There is no exact answer to this. The SEO we provide will apply the most effective path to a number one spot, but the time to achieve this is affected by a great number of influential factors. These include;

  • Your current ranking
  • The competition in your niche/industry
  • The requirements of Google/Yahoo/Bing (they change frequently)

The average ranking improvement takes between 30 and 180 days depending on those factors. Not that it in most cases it takes several weeks to see noticeable improvements as the search engines do not react very quickly unless in certain circumstances; pages with the latest news for example.

[toggle_content title=”Is my website guaranteed number one ranking?” class=”boxed”]

We guarantee the best SERPs position possible but this does not always mean a number one place. Ther reason being that some keywords are incredibly tough to compete with – you could be competing with the world’s largest companies. Imagine trying to beat the might of Coca-Cola for the keyword “coke.” There are options however; the use of longer tail keywords and other ways to put your website in prime view of local searchers.

[toggle_content title=”Who will I be dealing with if I hire LocalSEO?” class=”boxed”]

LocalSEO allocates a personal account manager to oversee everything that goes on with your account. You can contact this person at any time during our normal business hours to find out the status of your account and your SEO performance.

[toggle_content title=”How much will SEO cost for my site?” class=”boxed”]

This depends on how much work your site will require. A small site with only a single landing page and one or two back pages might only be under $500/month. A site in an industry with fiercely competitive keywords will take considerably more effort and proportionately higher monthly costs. Whatever your situation looks like, you should be aware that to generate traffic, simple number one ranking is not the only component to being a success in search. Google Places and many social networks contribute heavily to traffic in local search – we take the maximum advantage of these channels.

[toggle_content title=”Why should I choose LocalSEO to handle my search optimization?” class=”boxed”]

Our company has been in business for many years only because we have been successful in promoting our clients through our broad experience and knowledge of SEO. We are able to recover “broken” SEO (Google reconsideration requests, disavow links etc..) and provide road maps for the continuous SEO that has to take place. SEO is a changing landscape and since Google has applied its quality changes and a complete rewrite of their system, we are ever more aware of the need to focus our services on methods that provide the best ranking using our knowledge of current Google criteria. Our bottom line is that we offer great value and great results.


Find out more about how can make a success of your company through search engine optimization, call us today at 202-527-9217 or contact us and we will get back to you right away!

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