Services SEO services are available to any business who takes their online search ranking performance seriously. The financial and marketing benefits of ranking highly in search can be enormous – over 50% of all purchases made in the US are made following an online search; in addition, 65% of all searchers choose the top three search results from page one of the search results. LocalSEO specializes in placing our client’s websites in this most lucrative zone where all the real business takes place.

We can raise your business website to page one – often in as little as 30 days (but it can take 90, depending on your competition and their SEO efforts)

With the search engines constantly updating and your competition making their own efforts to get ahead of you, SEO is a challenge – but it is one which we are well-versed and able to undertake on your behalf. We achieve this by using our own custom software and expert SEO consultants who personally manage their own account portfolios.

Our efforts will propel your business to the highest ranking available (matching your budget and the strength of the competition). We are realistic about what can be achieved and always seek the long-term solution which is sustainable through search engine upgrades and the pressure of competition. We do this by examining carefully your current website assets, your position in search, your marketing potential and the strength of your competition. This sounds like we are about to hit you with a large upfront just to tell you what we can do for you specifically but you would be wrong. Once you complete our Forensic Analysis Form we can see in an hour what other’s in the market aren’t able to see in a week.  Using our custom software we are able to analyze exactly what we are able to do for you and how long it is likely to take.

Our Analysis Will Cover:

  • ♦ Information about your backlink strategy and whether your existing links are helping or hurting your results
  • ♦ Details about whether Google (or other search engines)  have punished you in any way.  We have a custom tool to see this data however in some instances we may need Webmaster Tools access to go into more detail♦ Details of the real level of competition you face in search (and advertising if required)
  • ♦ An audit of your existing keywords and suggested improvements with their long-tail permutations
  • ♦ An expert assessment of your on-page ranking factors
  • ♦ Recommendations for improvements to site design for SEO and conversion improvement

Once this is complete we can prepare a price plan that can be as little as $300/month for a local, low-competition site, or into the thousands if the competition is fierce and the existing site needs a lot of attention. We have content specialists, designers, and programmers who are all top of their field and together combine to offer you the best SEO solution available no matter where you are, or what size your business.

Services Breakdown

We offer a broad range of SEO and related online services including:

  • ♦ SEO – Search Engine Optimization – We have been successful in attaining No.1 ranking for many businesses which has resulted in significant financial revenue improvements for many of our clients – some of whom have been with us for well over a decade. This outstanding client retention rate is a measure of the success and satisfaction with our services that potential clients can expect.
  • ♦ SEM – Search Engine Marketing – Optimization of a website is not enough to enjoy the maximum earnings potential – an active and penetrative marketing process can really boost consumer and user interest.
  • ♦ Website design and development – We have a highly competent development team comprising experts in web design, branding and media produtction who can create stunning websites that are both visually attractive, search engine optimized and aimed at achieving targeted goals.
  • ♦ Conversion optimization – Our web designers are not just there to create stunning and inviting website designs. They also attend to the fine detail of conversion optimization. Guiding visitors toward the target conversion goals.
  • ♦ Online Advertising (AdSense/AdWords & other similar services) – Our many years’ experience in success in online advertising will be reflected in the success you can expect from focused PPC campaigns that use the very best keyword and aqcuisition strategies,  to get the optimum ROI on your advertising investment. We do more than just a swift keyword assessment and a simple ad campaign – we use carefully calculated metrics to get you the best advertisement keywording at the lowest bids with placement that generates revenue and not simply PPC bid-wasting traffic who will never spend a penny.
  •  Media buys / Ad placement – We find the most efficient advertising placements, achieving great ad placement with the lowest bids. We undertake full management of your PPC campaigns and optimize them to reduce costs and maximize revenue.
  • ♦ Infographics and media production – In addition to  providing easily-digestible information to online audiences, these are a great way to improve traffic and search ranking. Our professional graphics and content designers produce top quality infographics that get ranked well in search and provide a valuable information resource for users.

Who Do We Work With?

Although we offer full service online marketing and SEO, we do cater for businesses of all sizes and diverse industries. We do have policies which we feel helps us stay competitive and successful. In particular, we never represent more than a single business in a local area who are in the same industry. We avoid conflict of interest by not focusing on any one industry and diversify our client base to avoid representing the same industry more than once in a locality. This means that when we optimize your business, there are no barriers to making you No.1. Quite simply, we want you to be the best in your niche – if we manage this, then we also become the best so our realtionship is a mutually beneficial one – more than just on a financial level. We are aware that our reputation is dependent on yours – a situation reflected in our dedication to making your business a success.

Specialist Areas

Although we strive to help every business we are asked to assist, we do have specific experience with websites focused on legal representation, health/medical services , insurance and commercial/home contracting services. however, we offer SEO and SEM  for any business, whatever the industry.

Clients should understand that Google does not rate a business and rank it in search based on how popular it is, sales revenues, the size of your store, or its worldly reputation. Google (who is responsible for 85% of all search across the globe) bases their search ranking of your business on a set of criteria which is based on thousands of items relating to many parameters including the traffic, design and content of your site. For over a decade we have been helping businesses of all sizes and industries create the websites and infrastructures that ensure they enjoy those high ranking positions. We know all the nuances and developments, search engine updates, the preferences and priorities that are part of search engine optimization. We are professionals and have helped over a thousand businesses reach and stay at No.1 in SERPs.

Join our many satisfied clients by taking the first step in making your business an SEO success in 2015.
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