Promoted Pins: Worth it, or Not Worth the Time?

It may be too early to tell for sure how Promoted Pins have been performing on Pinterest since their October 2013 introduction, but it seems that the debate between what Pinterest markets as “tasteful” and “transparent” advertising and what users worry will sully the individualized Pinterest experience has yet to be resolved.

The only real observation to surface in tracking Featured Pins thus far is that three main analytics make or break whether this strategy is right for your business, and they’re the same as with any method of online advertising. Getting a large number of clicks per pin is a good sign, as is getting a large number of sharing, or “re-pins per pin.” Another metric to keep in mind is average visit duration, which should be on the longer side, as it indicates that more pages are being visited which points to more purchases being considered and brand loyalty. If these metrics are low for you, it may be best to opt out of the Pinterest gimmick altogether.