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We handle quite a bit of work for lawyers who focus on DUI as a practice area.

Promoted Pins: Worth it, or Not Worth the Time?

It may be too early to tell for sure how Promoted Pins have been performing on Pinterest since their October 2013 introduction, but it seems that the debate between what Pinterest markets as “tasteful” and “transparent” advertising and what users worry will sully READ MORE

QR: Dead on Delivery

The rusty old QR Code has gotten a fair share of criticism since it was adopted by U.S. markets in 2009, and it’s not hard to see why. QRs were launched too widely and were often deployed in areas with little to no READ MORE

Roomstore Preference Litigation

Reading the news earlier this week I discovered that Roomstore has begun Preference Litigation.  I am certainly not the expert on this topic.  However, if you have an interest you should read more.  The details about the Roomstore Preference Litigation are here.   READ MORE

Connective Architecture- An Understanding

Connective Architecture of SEO, how one variable relates to another;  The inner-connectivity of seemingly unrelated details is the foundation of current SEO.   It is something we will be talking quite a bit about in upcoming articles.

How Not To Buy A Premium Domain Name

A few weeks ago a client was contacted via their website with an offer to buy a premium domain for roughly $2,000. What follows is an accounting of the offer and the steps we took to make ensure he would be getting what READ MORE