How To Track Mobile Visitors In Google Analytics

Andrew published a great post that features a Google Analytics tip.  The post “How To Track Mobile Visitors In Google Analytics” contains this nugget:

“If you are a Google Analytics user I recommend setting up an Advanced Segment that filters reports by visitors who are classified as Mobile. Here’s how:


Click on the ‘Advanced Segments’ link on the lower left hand side of the Google Analytics navigation

Click on ‘Create a new custom segment’ at the top of the page

Under the ‘Dimensions’ section click on ‘Visitors’

Drag the green ‘Mobile’ rectangle into the ‘dimension or metrics’ box.

Make sure the ‘Condition’ equals ‘Matches Exactly’ and the ‘Value’ equals ‘Yes’

Name the segment ‘Mobile’, test and save

Now you can view any report in Google Analytics with only mobile user data simply by choosing ‘Mobile’ from the Advanced Segment menu at the top of the page.

Cool Tip: I also like to create a ‘No Mobile’ advanced segment so that I can easily compare the different user behaviors. You can also create similar reports for different phones, mobile browsers and operating systems (e.g. iPhone v. Android)  if you want to really drill down into this data.”

I have some clients that enjoy the Google Analytics experience.  Many choose to use some other advanced tools.  Regardless, if you are using GA this is a great tip.

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