Question #2- [Video Answer] How To Claim Your Google Places Page Listing

Instead of a long article to illustrate how to claim your Google Places Page, I thought it more helpful to create a video to illustrate exactly how to do so. If you are going to try to optimize and rank your Google Places Page without expert help this is likely step 1.

5 thoughts on “Question #2- [Video Answer] How To Claim Your Google Places Page Listing

  1. hi there

    this video was excellent – it explained many things about google places that I didn’t know.

    I have a question – I have a local business directory site. Can I claim google places on behalf of business owners (if I have their permission of course), for the web address – can I direct it to their listing on my directory – as some of the businesses don’t have websites.

    I am going to look thru your site – I came accross your video when google-ing google places – I noticed some tabs on local search – am going there now.

    take care


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  3. Excellent video FULL of resources. Thank You! I work helping non-profits get their place page working for them.

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