The Importance of Analysis For Local SEO

Almost without fail the first thing we do for any new local seo client is to analyze their current site and previous promotion efforts. That is step 1. But, the valuable nuggets we find are not in that research but in our research of their competitors. This isn’t done in a format that client’s will be able to decipher in a report but for our work internally it is invaluable. Often we are researching competitors the client didn’t even know they had.

Let me explain.

Of course we dig into their market. That goes without saying. To do that we look at their town and what the other players are doing. We also look at the surrounding town and larger area. We then look at statewide players and those in their vertical but in other states. Finally, we look at those competitors that are nationwide. Most of my competitors stop their research at their client’s city. That is leaving all the valuable intel unused. That is the difference between ranking where you want and not. Or ranking in 2 or 3 months vs 9 months.

Now, this intel gathering is an absolute pile of work for my team. But, it lets us find what I call the ‘local seo pivot points’. Those things that are being done that are having the greatest impact. We can then leverage those to best our competitors.

Now, those of you who know me and know how I work know that we have a cadre of in-house tools to help us complete our work. This research is no exception. With those tools we often spend 10+ hours on this research Month 1 with a new client. Without those tools it would take 50+ hours and be impossible to do in the scale we do it. My investment in the technical capital of this business is my client’s gain.

With that said we are looking to release a related tool that will allow our client’s an ‘at a glance’ snapshot of some of this analysis. I won’t give away to many details until it is 100% ready for release, but I believe it will unrivaled in the industry. And the price (free) for clients can’t be beat.

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