The Travel Industry & Local SEO Is The Next Frontier

Gowalla-the local meetup service is getting into the travel game-in a small way.  They now know when you fly by looking to see where you have ‘checked in’ and they show it via some spiffy graphics.  So if I check in at dca and arrive at lax they will show it on the airport’s page.

I track these things however I don’t actually use the services.  The people who should know when I am flying, my family, friends, clients, know that because I tell them.  Not because a graphic on a page tells them.  I just, personally, have privacy concerns about this and similar services.  And I don’t need the ego boost to know I am “Mayor” of my local Starbucks to feel important.  But that is just me.

However, I will watch to see what moves they make in the industry so my clients are prepared and stay 1 step ahead.



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