Growing a following on Facebook: Cross Promoting with Other Page Managers

Competing for Facebook “likes” these days isn’t as easy as it used to be. Businesses vying for them often find themselves in a position that The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman most kindly depicts as “begging.” So how does a business gain followers on this READ MORE

Generating Fresh Ideas

Are you asking consumers vested in your brand what they want to see? Sometimes a Facebook post can double as a wonderfully targeted focus group, so long as your target isn’t one of the 25% fewer teens using the platform these days. As READ MORE

Proactive Outbound Communication: Is it for Me?

As of 2012, statistics gathered by Forrester show that 29 percent of surveyed enterprises had already invested in proactive outbound communications. This type of communication involves an assortment of activities to include everything from service alerts and workarounds to cross and upselling. Forrester READ MORE

Effective Email Marketing: Avoid These 3 Pitfalls

Email marketing is a tricky line of business. Over 88 percent of companies surveyed by Forrester were reported to use some form of it in 2011, but marketers who fail to follow effective protocol may do their business more harm than good. Overfrequency READ MORE

Social Media: Effective Tool or Effective Time-Sink?

No matter what your company’s strategy when it comes to social media, odds are you’re not optimizing it. But the hard question to ask when it comes to optimization is “What should a decent strategy look like?” Realistically, it’s a hard question to READ MORE

Is Marketing for a Cause Old News?

Cause-Related Marketing, at first glance, seems like a dated concept tied to the year 2009 and the shell companies of major toothpaste brands who make ugly shoes, but that’s not the long and short of it. It’s also been a long-term strategy of READ MORE

Packaging: More than Meets the Eye

Product packaging may seem like an afterthought, but the savvy marketer knows that wrapping is more than just attractive paper and boxes. With a little forethought, shipping material can double an effective promotion tool. Ordering shipping materials printed in brand colors, allowing the READ MORE

Mobile Search For Local Businesses
Mobile Search For Local Businesses

Good article about mobile search. I hadn’t seen that data from 2010 which is exponentially lower than the mobile usage now.  I’ve practically had my iPhone sewn to my hand for 5 years now.  And my wife works with 2 blackberries (one for READ MORE

What To Avoid When Link Building

What To Avoid When Link Building

This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart.  As someone who has been the victim of some awful linking (in an effort by competitors to disturb my rankings) I am very cautious to monitor links.  But, when done READ MORE

Google Maps Citation Service- Google Places Local Directory Submission

Every day we get leads who want us to take over their SEO for their business.  However, we also get contacted by business owners who are doing ok and would love to be doing better, but who can’t afford a monthly budget for READ MORE

New Google Layout

This new layout has been in testing since October, 2009.  However, today it rolls out to most of the world.  It allows users to whittle down results based on what they want to see. Once they make a selection the left-navigation usually goes READ MORE

Google Places – How to Find Citation Sources

We’ve been discussing the importance of citations when it comes to local business listings, especially Google Maps and Google Local Business Center.  Today we will discuss how to find more sources on which to get your business cited.  Remember that consistency is king READ MORE

Improve Google Ranking-Follow Up

A few days ago I talked about not settling for anything less than #1. Here is a visual that should drive the point home. If you are #1 you are getting over 50% of the traffic for that term.  If  you are #10 READ MORE

Improve Google Ranking-Don't Settle For Anything Less Than #1

I was just checking some rankings and was pleased when a site I have been working on reached page 1 for its main keyword.  This keyword has just under 1 million competitors and receives about 30,000 searches per week.  Last time I checked READ MORE

Call Tracking Can Kill Your Local SEO Results

Call tracking is an idea thought up by marketing companies to use as a tool to track which strategies are producing the most return on each advertising dollar. The idea of call tracking is pretty simple.  A business sets up an account with READ MORE

Local Search Marketing Series- Getting Reviews

We have previously talked about the penalty for those faking google local reviews, today we are going to discuss how to get them legitimately.  So get ready for the next post in our local search marketing series. First Rule: Ask For Them You READ MORE

Local Search Marketing Series- Fake Reviews

There are a lot of bad ‘self-proclaimed’ Local Search Marketing Experts running around as Google Maps are one of the top ways that a local business can get traffic.  However, since reviews [can] help a site’s rankings many unskilled providers use fake reviews READ MORE

Local Search Marketing Series

This week will mark the start of our Local Search Marketing series.  We plan to discuss what to do and what not to do [which is as important] over several posts.  Our first article in this series will be about why not to READ MORE