Local Search Marketing Series- Getting Reviews

Complaint Box- If Only Yelp Was So Easy To Ignore

We have previously talked about the penalty for those faking google local reviews, today we are going to discuss how to get them legitimately.  So get ready for the next post in our local search marketing series.

First Rule: Ask For Them

You never get anything without asking for it and good reviews are no exception.  The more contact you have with your customers the easier it is implore them to do you a favor and leave their honest opinions on the review site of their choice.  Simple and it works.  Obviously the more extreme your service-good and bad- the more likely they are to praise or chastise you publicly.

Second Rule: Make It Easy For Them

Include appropriate links on receipts, flyers, business cards, any where and every where you can.  If you use emails to keep in contact with customers that is an excellent way to direct them to reviews.  You can do that by simply pointing out a favorable review and asking them if they have something to share to do please do so.

Third Rule: Cater To Those Who Write Reviews

Spend some time with Google and look for those bloggers, journalists, etc who may have an interest in what you offer and write them an email or pick up the phone and invite them to try your service.  Once again, you are only after honest reviews, and those most familiar with the technology are those most likely to utilize it.

Fourth Rule: Be Careful

Check the terms of use for the review sites so you know where the line is [so you don’t cross it].  None of these methods should upset any of the review sites but their TOS’s are always changing so you need to be careful and review them.  For example some sites don’t like it if you offer your customers an incentive to give you a review.  Keep it in mind.

Fifth Rule: Respond To Feedback

All businesses dread negative reviews however the business can disarm most negativity with a cordial and respectful reply.  If something went wrong, own up to it.  Don’t argue or dismiss it.  Plus, there is an upside to an occasional negative review.  For those who are browsing reviews a little negativity shows that the reviews aren’t fake and if the problem was addressed, then all is well.  A business can’t be perfect all the time, just respond and move on.

I have some tactics I use for my clients and I need to keep them secret to preserve them but these 5 Rules work as guidelines that are always to be followed.

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