Question #3- Claiming Your Client’s Google Places Listing

Louise posted a question in the comments so I thought I would draft a quick answer. Here is here question: this video was excellent – it explained many things about google places that I didn’t know. I have a question – I have READ MORE

Question #2- [Video Answer] How To Claim Your Google Places Page Listing

Instead of a long article to illustrate how to claim your Google Places Page, I thought it more helpful to create a video to illustrate exactly how to do so. If you are going to try to optimize and rank your Google Places READ MORE

Question #1 – What are Google Places Citations

This is the most common question I have received and it is also the most basic so I will answer it first. The easiest way to think of a citation is as a reference to your business. In the offline world a reference READ MORE

Your Local SEO Questions Answered

Submit your questions in the comments and I will answer them in order. Anything relating to Google Local Listings, Local SEO, etc is all fair game. If your question warrants a full post I will do so. I hope this helps some of READ MORE

How to Make Your Google Places Listing Stand Out

Make your Google Places listing stand out by being clear and precise with the business detail, and show what products or services you offer. There are many businesses that are on Google Places, but they do not all stand out. How can you READ MORE

Local SEO Tip #3- Find the Best Keywords for Your Local SEO in Seconds

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves focus on two areas for local search. The first is a company’s geographic location, typically a city and state, and then their product or service specialties. An example of a local search would be “doctors in New READ MORE

Simple Local SEO Tip #2

Post your physical address in a HIGHLY visible place on your homepage. The footer is not the ideal location. The more visible the better as Google seems to acknowledge the location of your address and weigh it as more credible the more visible READ MORE

The Importance of Analysis For Local SEO

Almost without fail the first thing we do for any new local seo client is to analyze their current site and previous promotion efforts. That is step 1. But, the valuable nuggets we find are not in that research but in our research READ MORE

Guest Post: Helping Bloggers & Online Consultants Get Organized, For a Price

This is a Guest Post: There have been dozens, if not hundreds, of new services aimed at helping bloggers and other Web-based workers become more organized. Evernote and Remember the Milk are just two of the tools in this field and they are READ MORE

New Series-Simple Local SEO Tips

Tip #1. Link to your Google Places’ Page from your website. Thats it, 1 sentence and very simple.  Yet, not often done and very powerful as an authority boost.  

Know When Google Updates Maps via Your Email

Want to know when Google updates their image of your business or home?  Now you can get an update the same day.  More populated areas are seeing updates sooner than rural areas-but that just makes sense.  There is no evidence to suggest this READ MORE

The Travel Industry & Local SEO Is The Next Frontier

Gowalla-the local meetup service is getting into the travel game-in a small way.  They now know when you fly by looking to see where you have ‘checked in’ and they show it via some spiffy graphics.  So if I check in at dca READ MORE

Google Spam Algorithm In Effect

Matt Cutts, on the post “Algorithm change launched” has confirmed that the spam change he spoke of earlier this week is live: “‘we’re evaluating multiple changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, including one change that primarily affects sites that copy READ MORE

The New York Times Style

On Search Engine Land: Must Read News About Search Marketing & Search … the post “The New York Times, Demand Media Edition” talks about the recent Demand Media IPO: “Demand Media — widely described as a ‘content farm’ — went public yesterday and READ MORE

Customer’s Can Now Add Images To Your Google Places Page

This week Google announced that your customers are now able to add a photo to your Google Places listing.  What they don’t mention, but we are testing, is what impact this customer involvement has on rankings.  Also, is it possible to remove a READ MORE

Go ‘Realtime’ With This Simple Twitter Tweak

This is a little trick I use for some of my Local SEO clients. If you want to give your Tweets more juice and increased value-while allowing them to be read-even by those without twitter accounts-then read on.  For many terms they even READ MORE

How To Track Mobile Visitors In Google Analytics

Andrew published a great post that features a Google Analytics tip.  The post “How To Track Mobile Visitors In Google Analytics” contains this nugget: “If you are a Google Analytics user I recommend setting up an Advanced Segment that filters reports by visitors READ MORE

Google Place’s Review Problem

This is not a small issue.  However, some of these bugs now seem to be fixed…although a few still present issues. I have seen this for a while, and instead of reinventing the wheel Mike’s article gives a good overview. When Will Google READ MORE

Google Removes Piracy-Related Terms From Instant Search

I am a fan of this decision in theory although I am not sure how Google spending more money/resources/energy to simply slow results by 1/8 of a second really accomplishes anything.  It seems like a simple PR move-nothing else. …… Google Removes Piracy-Related READ MORE

Google Will Drop Real Estate Search & Listings From Maps – Top SEO …

This was never a popular feature of Maps, however it is a bit of a surprise that they will kill it completely in 2 weeks.  I know a few businesses who benefited from it. … Google Maps will drop its real estate listings READ MORE

5 Tips To Optimize Your Google Places Ranking Today

Google Places merges the best features of geolocation, on demand reviews, and consumers. It connects consumers with businesses who have a physical location in the U.S. Businesses can go online and claim their business and make any edits to convey their own business READ MORE

The Most Misunderstood Facts About Ranking Your Small Business

There’s a lot of confusion out there about how search ranking impacts your small business. Don’t let these misunderstandings bog down your search marketing strategy. Fact: Keywords are important Mistake: Keywords are the most important factor in ranking Yes, it’s vital to identify READ MORE

Google Places Local SEO Software

I am thinking about possibly releasing some software that helps automate the work of optimizing and improving results with Google Places. I am not making any promises but there is a chance I will make this available.

SEO Myths That Can Bury Your Site – Part 1

To many, SEO is a mystery that is part science and part black magic.  And while I have [mostly] tamed this beast a while ago (I have been doing local seo work over 10 years now); I have noticed that each client needs READ MORE

Google Places’ Tags

Google has launched a new advertising feature of Google Places, it features a yellow tag and highlighted line underneath the business listing. An example is at the left and its called Google Tags.  Frankly, its a simple way to draw a little extra READ MORE

15 Things You Should Never Do At An SEO Conference

Conferences are a great way to pick up new ideas but more importantly are a chance to talk “SEO” without people around you screaming with boredom!  SEO conferences are generally laid back affairs but be aware the following 15 actions may get you READ MORE

Google Maps Citation Service- Google Places Local Directory Submission

Every day we get leads who want us to take over their SEO for their business.  However, we also get contacted by business owners who are doing ok and would love to be doing better, but who can’t afford a monthly budget for READ MORE

New Google Layout

This new layout has been in testing since October, 2009.  However, today it rolls out to most of the world.  It allows users to whittle down results based on what they want to see. Once they make a selection the left-navigation usually goes READ MORE

Killer Post In The Works

I have been working with my team to put together a killer post, very indepth, about SEO Myths.  I think everyone will enjoy it and you should have it in your hands in a few days. Plus, today I had some fun getting READ MORE

Local SEO Tip-Using Your Webcam To Get A Leg Up On Competition

This was a post I had written that was published on a fellow SEO Consultant’s site.  However, I think you guys would enjoy it as well.  Keep in mind that this tip won’t apply to everyone. However, if you have a business who READ MORE

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